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Why We Can't Wait: The 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Classic
Martin Luther King, Jr. at a press conference in June, 1964 World Telegram & Sun photo by Walter Albertin (via Wikimedia Commons) [read more]
War’s Waste: Rehabilitation in World War I America
On the one-hundredth anniversary of World War I, it might be especially opportune to consider one of the unspoken inheritances of global warfare: soldiers who return home physically and/or psychologically wounded from battle. With that ... [read more]
Isolating Gaza
The restriction of Palestinian movement in Gaza and elsewhere has long been a central tactic of the Israeli occupation. [read more]
Book trailer for Lorado Taft: The Chicago Years
Robert G. La France, co-editor of Lorado Taft: The Chicago Years, talks about the life and work of the influential sculptor in this video. In the book trailer, La France, former Curator of Pre-Modern Art at Krannert Art Museum at the … ... [read more]
Latest Review: "Astragal" by Albertine Sarrazin
The latest addition to our Reviews section is by Tiffany Nichols on Astragal by Albertine Sarrazin, translated by Patsy Southgate, published by New Directions. [read more]
Smuggling, Rebellion, and the Origins of Global Capitalism
A commodity is introduced, global demand grows, legal access is restricted, a lawless black market thrives. This familiar cycle, a darker side of capitalism, is the subject of Contraband: Louis Mandrin and the Making of a Global Undergr ... [read more]
A City-Sized Prison-House
With Israeli forces besieging Gaza again, Western ambivalence is inexcusable. [read more]
The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership Now Available on NetGalley
To understand the future of leadership, sometimes it makes sense to look to the past. The latest addition to our NetGalley catalog is The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership: Classic Wisdom for Modern Leaders by M.A. Soupios and Panos Mourdo ... [read more]
Five Perfect Books for Reading Outdoors
Summer is a time for getting outdoors, listening to the birds, taking long walks in the woods or long naps on the beach. And there’s nothing quite like reading a book outside, or after a day spent basking in the splendor of the natural ... [read more]
Sci Fi Friday: Ray Bradbury makes an impact on the Moon
On July 26, 1971 the Apollo 15 mission lifted off from Kennedy Space Center with a mission to explore Earth’s moon. Four days later, on July 30, 1971 Lunar Module landed on lunar surface. During the mission astronauts David Scott … Cont ... [read more]
Latest Review: "Live Bait" by Fabio Genovesi
The latest addition to our Reviews section is by Megan Berkobien on Live Bait by Fabio Genovesi, translated by Michael Moore and out from Other Press. [read more]
July Newsletter (With Special Subscription Offer!)
If you don’t already subscribe to our (sporadic, but in good times, bi-weekly) newsletter, you can do so by clicking here. [read more]
Now Hiring: Intellectual Property and Licensing Manager
The University of Georgia Press seeks a knowledgeable and capable publishing professional to negotiate contracts and manage rights. The Intellectual Property and Licensing Manager is responsible to the director of UGA Press for managing ... [read more]
Upcoming events with Gerald Horne
Author and historian Gerald Horne will be on a mini book tour this weekend to discuss his two new books, The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America, released in April 2014 from NYU … ... [read more]
Q&A with Jean Toomer: Race, Repression, and Revolution author Barbara Foley
Barbara Foley is a professor of English at Rutgers University-Newark. She is the author of Spectres of 1919: Class and Nation in the Making of the New Negro. She answered some questions about her book Jean Toomer: Race, Repression, and ... [read more]
Webcast: 10 Avoidable Mistakes Frontline Support Teams Make Repeatedly
Rich Gallagher, author of  The Customer Service Survival Kit and What to Say to a Porcupine, will hosting a Citrix webcast: 10 Avoidable Mistakes Frontline Support Teams Make Repeatedly. Wednesday, July 30, 2014 10 AM PDT/ 1 PM EDT REGI ... [read more]
The University of Illinois Press seeks Desktop Publisher
The University of Illinois Press has an opening for a Desktop Publisher. The Press is seeking a Publisher to compose books and journals for the Press using InDesign/CS6 for Macintosh. Details on the position and how to apply can be … Co ... [read more]
Social Insecurity: An Interview with James W. Russell
By Anna Morrow [read more]
Inclusion in the Creative Economy?
This week in North Philly Notes, Tarry Hum , author of Making a Global Immigrant Neighborhood, writes about the re-branding of Brooklyn. New York City Mayor de Blasio was elected with a mandate to address the city’s deepening crisis of ... [read more]
Sexuality in school: LGBT issues are not the exclusive concern of LGBT students.
BY JEN GILBERT Associate professor in the Faculty of Education at York University, Toronto [read more]
Happy birthday Alison Krauss
Born on July 23, 1971, Central Illinois native Alison Krauss has been awarded with more Grammys than any other female artist. The singer and fiddle player has put up sales numbers greater than any other living bluegrass act. Yet, as Mur ... [read more]
Exploring Illinois: Ayers Sand Prairie
Ayers Sand Prairie in Carroll County was once the western edge of the Wisconsin Glacier. Among the small dunes explorers can spy plants and animals friendly to the dry growing conditions such as the birds-foot violet and the Olympia mar ... [read more]
Book trailer for The Next Economic Disaster
If you don't follow Penn Press on social media, then you may not have seen the new book trailer put together by our summer interns for Richard Vague's The Next Economic Disaster. Have a look! Learn more about the book... [read more]
Quick! John Staub Houses For Sale! But Why the Hefty Price Tag?
John Staub estate in ShadysideEarlier this month, the Houston Chronicle published a short article that resembled a real estate listing on some of the most elegant homes of the area (like the one on the right), designed by none other tha ... [read more]
Contemporary thoughts on Monastic Buddhism
NEW RELEASE Buddhist Nuns, Monks, and Other Worldly Matters: Recent Papers on Monastic Buddhism in India written by Gregory Schopen 2014 | 480 pages Cloth | ISBN 978-0-8248-3880-5 | $70.00 Paper | ISBN 978-0-8248-3882-2 | $36.00 Studies ... [read more]
Philosophy in a Time of Terror
Giovanna Borradori conceived Philosophy in a Time of Terror: Dialogues with Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida shortly following the attacks on September 11, 2001; through it, he was able engage in separate interviews with two of the m ... [read more]
Gulf Coast Prize in Translation
Just found out that _Gulf Coast Magazine is launching a new translation prize—one that might interest some of you: [read more]
"No Book Is Ever Finished"
In a recent post at the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s “Scholarly Kitchen” blog, the always-astute Joseph Esposito considers the unwieldiness of “post-publication peer review” as both locution and concept. The term signals an invers ... [read more]
Mushroom Monday: Giant Polypore
Be honest: can you tell the difference between a hen and a giant? (In mushroom-speak, that's a hen of the woods and a giant polypore.) Discerning mushroomer Bill Russell explains their differences in today's Mushroom Monday post about t ... [read more]
The Education Revolution
A century ago the average person was illiterate. Advances in education since then have wrought drastic changes the world over. [read more]
Webinar: A Team of Leaders
Soundview Executive Book Summaries is hosting a webinar with Paul Gustavson and Stewart Liff, authors of A Team of Leaders: Empowering Every Member to Take Ownership, Demonstrate Initiative, and Deliver Results. Tuesday, August 5, 2014 ... [read more]
#RamadanReads: Changing the Conversation about Muslims, One Book at a Time
By Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi [read more]
Short Takes
In a recent article for CNN, Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, author of BREAKING GROUND, points out the disparities in healthcare, following the U.S. News and Report's latest "best hospitals in the country" rankings. [read more]
INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED: Scopes loses but Darrow wins
On July 21, 1925, John T. Scopes was found guilty of violating Tennessee’s Butler Act, which made it unlawful to teach human evolution in any state-funded school. Despite losing the case, Attorney Clarence Darrow’s relentless witness-st ... [read more]
Mexican Policy and American Political Change at Mid-Century
Today we have a guest post from Ruben Flores, who teaches American studies at the University of Kansas, and whose new book, Backroads Pragmatists:Mexico's Melting Pot and Civil Rights in the United States, illuminates how nation-buildin ... [read more]
Translation, A Reciprocal Process [Interview with Kareem James Abu-Zeid on "Nothing More to Lose" by Najwan Darwish]
It’s always interesting to read a translator’s commentary on his or her translation process. For me personally, hearing how other translators think and work only adds to my personal work and experience, alternately showing me approaches ... [read more]
Going Native
Native American Seed is a seed propagation farm and seed cleaning and sales business, located a few miles from Junction, Texas. The 262-acre property includes a mile of frontage on the Llano River—the source of irrigation water for the ... [read more]
One-Dimensional Man: Celebrating Fifty Years of a Classic Text
Herbert Marcuse with Angela Davis in 1970 (Nancy Chase) [read more]
The Social Roots of Risk: Producing Disasters, Promoting Resilience
The Social Roots of Risk: Producing Disasters, Promoting Resilience Kathleen Tierney [read more]
The Death of Josseline: One Unaccompanied Immigrant Child’s Tragic Journey
By Margaret Regan [read more]
Michael French Smith Writes about PNG on Longitude and HuffPost
UHP AUTHOR INFO For travelers searching for books and maps about their destination, Longitude has been the go-to resource since 1999. In the July issue of its newsletter highlighting travel to Indonesia, Michael French Smith’s A Faraway ... [read more]
In praise of Eva Illouz
Let’s begin with a personal aside: during our sessions, my therapist invokes Eva Illouz more often than any other writer. At first I was largely deaf to this phenomenon, though eventually I acknowledged that excerpts from her work had c ... [read more]
The Unknown Kenneth B. Clark
In the latter half of the 1960s, with the nation’s eyes on unrest in its cities, there arose a role for African American intellectuals in helping white America to understand black urban life. As Daniel Matlin details in On the Corner: A ... [read more]
Picturing Dogs, Seeing Ourselves
The following excerpt is taken from the introduction to Picturing Dogs, Seeing Ourselves: Vintage American Photographs by Ann-Janine Morey. The book presents a collection of antique photographs of dogs and their owners (115 postcards, c ... [read more]
Mancini’s Pink Panther hits 50
In the spring and summer of 1964, the Blake Edwards film The Pink Panther, starring Peter Sellers, became a huge hit. The farcical tale of an incompetent French detective matching wits with a suave jewel thief, The Pink Panther dropped ... [read more]
Maleficent: A feminist fairy tale?
—Jessie Klein and Meredith Finnerty Maleficent makes us want to stand up and cheer—and then sit down stunned. The film distinguishes itself as the third in a trend of major studio releases that seem determined to reverse the damage of t ... [read more]
The Origin Story of the Muslim Brotherhood
Author Beth Baron describes how one of today's most notorious and polarizing organizations first came to be. Q: You describe the Muslim Brotherhood as emerging from a battle “for the bodies and souls of Egypt’s children”—can you elabora ... [read more]
Lead with Humility Now Available on NetGalley
We have just added Lead with Humility: 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis by Jeffrey A. Krames to our NetGalley catalog. Book reviewers, journalists, librarians, bloggers, academics, booksellers and other book professionals interes ... [read more]
Healing in Ramadan
By Mohammed Shamma [read more]
Exploring Illinois: Kickapoo State Park
The middle fork of the Vermilion River runs through Kickapoo State Park. Just a short walk from Middle Fork Woods Nature Preserve, explorers will find forest-lined bluffs and a a multitude of creatures.  Large dragonflies patrol the ban ... [read more]
Harvey Milk’s lasting influence in the labor history of queer America
In this blog entry, Miriam Frank, author of Out in the Union, explores Harvey Milk’s political vision of union involvement and LGBT progress. Two months ago the United States Postal Service issued a new “Forever” postage stamp to honor ... [read more]
Archived Webcast: The Seven Secrets to Success in Selling
The  American Management Association New Media team hosted a webcast with Brian Tracy, author of Unlimited Sales Success: 12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible and numerous other titles. He discussed  strategie ... [read more]
Reflections on Jacques Derrida, born on this day in 1930.
BY CARY WOLFE Founding editor, Posthumanities Series at University of Minnesota Press [read more]
A Churchill Tour
By Charles Backus, Edward R. Campbell '39 Press Director  [read more]
Indonesia’s Islam and autonomy’s quandary
NEW RELEASE Caged in on the Outside: Moral Subjectivity, Selfhood, and Islam in Minangkabau, Indonesia written by Gregory M. Simon 2014 | 272 pages Cloth | ISBN 978-0-8248-3830-0 | $57.00 Southeast Asia: Politics, Meaning, and Memory “S ... [read more]
Operation “Protective Edge”: Language as a Tool of Oppression
By Rashid Khalidi [read more]
Ghost Orbs and Ghost Lights in Lancaster's Fulton Theater
PSU Press can neither confirm nor deny the presence of ghosts in this photoThis ghost-filled guest post is written by Leslie Stainton, author of Staging Ground: An American Theater and Its Ghosts: [read more]
Common Knowledge?: An Ethnography of Wikipedia
Common Knowledge?: An Ethnography of Wikipedia Dariusz Jemielniak [read more]
Public Universities and Regional Growth: Insights from the University of California
Public Universities and Regional Growth: Insights from the University of California [read more]
TAMU Press Wins Another Two Ottis Lock Awards for Best Book on East Texas
Earlier this month, the East Texas Historical Association named two TAMU press books winners of the 2014 Ottis Lock Award for Best Book on East Texas. Both Lawrence T. Jones III's Lens on the Texas Frontier and Bernadette Pruitt's The O ... [read more]
To Find the Way on sale in celebration of the Hōkūle‘a’s World Wide Voyage
In celebration of the Hōkūle‘a’s World Wide Voyage, UH Press is offering To Find the Way for $9.99. Happy Summer! [read more]
Judy McCulloh
Judy McCulloh, who worked at the University of Illinois Press for 35 years and was recognized for building our music and folklore lists during her tenure, died at home during the early morning of Sunday, July 13.  She had been … Continu ... [read more]
Short Takes
Congratulations to our friends at Telfair Museums! Their "Slavery and Freedom in Savannah" project, a multi-year project encompassing the SLAVERY AND FREEDOM IN SAVANNAH book, museum exhibition, three-day symposium, and multiple communi ... [read more]
Mushroom Monday: Pear-Shaped Puffball
You may have seen these little mushrooms spilling down the side of a stump or log like bubbles, but they taste much better than soap! This Mushroom Monday, Bill Russell fills us in on the delights of the pear-shaped puffball: [read more]
New Flashpoint, Old Conflict: Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Divide
6 books that offer insightful context for the Israreli-Palestinian conflict. [read more]
Parenting with a Story Now Available on NetGalley
The newest addition to our NetGalley catalog is  Parenting with a Story: Real-Life Lessons in Character for Parents and Children to Shareby Paul Smith. Book reviewers, journalists, academics, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and other ... [read more]
UNT Press Book Wins Award for Excellence in U.S. Army History Writing
At its Seventeenth Annual Members’ Meeting, held June 18, 2014 at the Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA, the Army Historical Foundation recognized six books, one book series, and three articles as outstanding achievements in writi ... [read more]
Mosaics of Faith
The following is an excerpt from the introduction to Mosaics of Faith: Floors of Pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land by Rina Talgam. In this monumental work, Talgam sets out to demonstrate how mosaic art c ... [read more]
Hawaii Public Radio hosts The Value of Hawaii 2 on Town Square
EVENT | Radio Show Today and next Thursday, The Value of Hawai‘i 2 editors Aiko Yamashiro and Noelani Goodyear-Ka‘opua will be back on Hawaii Public Radio‘s Town Square, broadcast live from 5–6 pm (HST), to discuss “Island Style and You ... [read more]
Learning to Listen, Learning to Be Heard: Healing from Sexual Assault by Telling the Story
By Lyn Phillips [read more]
The university press and library sales
  [read more]
Racial inequality remains etched into the very foundation of the U.S. interstate highway program and its cities.
A Los Angeles freeway in 2009. In his new book, Eric Avila digs into the cultural history of the U.S. interstate highway program. Image via Creative Commons. [read more]
The Fight Against Extinction
Last Monday, a federal appeals court overturned a lower court’s ruling that held state and river authorities liable for the deaths of 23 whooping cranes five years ago. Despite the reversal, Jim Blackburn, attorney for the party filing ... [read more]
Troubled Waters: One Train Derailment, Three Boeing Fuselages, and a River’s History of Ecological Abuse
By Brad Tyer [read more]
In the media: Heywood Sanders, author of Convention Center Follies
Penn Press authors are often in the news, making appearances, doing interviews, writing articles and essays, and being tapped as expert commentators. This sort of attention is often tied to the release of a book, with a flurry that tail ... [read more]
Do you want an American nurse?
This week in North Philly Notes, an interview with  Catheters, Slurs, and Pickup Lines  author Lisa Ruchti  from Al-Jazeera America‘s July 3rd morning news program. [She appears at the 2:00 minute mark in the video link].   In addition, ... [read more]
Holland's Golden Age in America
The following excerpt is taken from Peter C. Sutton's Introduction to Holland's Golden Age in America: Collecting the Art of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hals, a forthcoming collection of essays in The Frick Collection Studies in the History ... [read more]
Advanced praise for The Getaway Car
On our forthcoming The Getaway Car: A Donald Westlake Nonfiction Miscellany, from Kirkus Reviews (read the review in full here): [read more]
Andrew Miller on Moving Your Company Forward with Operational Excellence
The following is a guest post from Andrew Miller, author of Redefining Operational Excellence: New Strategies for Maximizing Performance and Profits Across the Organization. Operational excellence is a mindset, not a methodology and nee ... [read more]
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan on the impossibility of religious freedom
  [read more]
Modernism and Its Merchandise
This excerpt is taken from the introduction to Modernism and Its Merchandise: The Spanish Avant-Garde and Material Culture, 1920-1930 by Juli Highfill. The book examines the objects of obsession for the historic Spanish avant-garde: sta ... [read more]
Our legacy, too: Muslim women and the civil rights movement
—Jamillah Karim “No one person owns this. This history is a history of thousands of people and we tell hundreds of those stories.” When I heard former mayor of Atlanta Shirley Franklin speak these sentiments about the civil rights movem ... [read more]
The Saints' Lives and the Mission of the Francises
The Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library, which Adam Kirsch has called “the best introduction the general reader has ever had to the ‘mother’ of Western Christian civilization,” presents both classics of the medieval canon and lesser-known w ... [read more]
Mushroom Monday: Meadow Mushroom
It's the first Mushroom Monday in July! Now that farmer's markets are in full swing and locally-grown produce is readily available, Bill Russell has a recommendation for a wild mushroom that will make a pleasant substitute for those sup ... [read more]
Podcast: Koen Pauwels Explains How It’s Not the Size of the Data, It’s How You Use It
Smarter marketing can drive up sales profits for any company. Koen Pauwels, author of It’s Not the Size of the Data—It’s How You Use It: Smarter Marketing with Analytics and Dashboards shared his insights about using marketing for bette ... [read more]
Fighting for More Monarchy, Not Less
What if America’s founding fathers were stirred to revolution by their treatment at the hands of the British Parliament, not the Crown? What if they actually wanted firmer control in the hands of a single monarch, and took up arms initi ... [read more]
The Greek Girl's Story
The excerpt below comes from Alan J. Singerman's introduction to The Greek Girl's Story, an English translation of Abbé Prévost's 1740 literary masterpiece Histoire d’une Grecque moderne. The text of Singerman's new English translation ... [read more]
“Never have empty bedrooms looked so full.”
The Fourth of July will be marked tomorrow, as usual, with barbecues and fireworks and displays of patriotic fervor. [read more]
Why We Still Need Live Theater
The following is a guest post by Leslie Stainton, the author of Staging Ground: An American Theater and Its Ghosts—a poignant and personal history of the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania—which was published in May: [read more]
Considering the current state of University Press publishing
This week in North Philly Notes, Mary Rose Muccie, the new Director of Temple University Press, blogs about her experiences at the recent Association of American University Presses annual meeting. Welcome to my first blog post as Direct ... [read more]
The Fountain of Knowledge: The Role of Universities in Economic Development
The Fountain of Knowledge: The Role of Universities in Economic Development Shiri M. Breznitz [read more]
Listening, Thinking, Being
The following excerpt is taken from Lisbeth Lipari's introduction to Listening, Thinking, Being: Toward an Ethics of Attunement, which was published in June and is currently available for order on our website at the link above. [read more]
Corruption in New York?
“What America now faces, if we do not change the fundamental structures of the relationship of money to legislative power, is neither mob rule nor democracy, but oligarchy.” So writes Fordham University Associate Professor of Law Zephyr ... [read more]
Random Quotes from New Books This July
The Administrative Assistant’s & Secretary’s Handbook, 5th Edition  by James Stroman, Kevin Wilson and Jennifer Wauson “Letters written over your own signature usually are acknowledgements of correspondence received while your boss is a ... [read more]
Pride Q&A with Suzanna Danuta Walters
The parades are over… the fight for equality is not.  As LGBT Pride Month comes to a close today, we invite you to read this Q&A with Suzanna Danuta Walters, author of The Tolerance Trap—in which she discusses the shift from gay pride … ... [read more]
Mushroom Monday: Black Trumpets
This week's Mushroom Monday mushroom, the black trumpet, is also known as the woods truffle and the horn of plenty (for obvious reasons). Here's Bill Russell's advice on how to spot this tasty, trumpet-shaped toadstool: [read more]
Introducing AMACOM…Nancy Roberson
We’re very pleased that the latest installment in the “Introducing AMACOM” series is our new President & Publisher, Nancy Roberson! What were you doing before you joined AMACOM? I have been working in the exciting world of publishing fo ... [read more]
Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business
Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business Chris Laszlo and Judy Sorum Brown With John R. Ehrenfeld, Mary Gorham, Ilma Barros Pose, Linda Robson, Roger Saillant, Dave Sherman, and Paul Werder [read more]
Hard Times: Leadership in America
Hard Times: Leadership in America Barbara Kellerman [read more]
Trans*politics, solidarity, and ENDA
—Isaac West Having already declared June as LGBT Pride Month via a presidential proclamation, President Obama is prepared to further demonstrate his commitment to LGBT equality by signing an executive order designed to prohibit federal ... [read more]