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Between the world and #Ferguson
—Jelani Cobb [This article originally appeared in The New Yorker.] When I was eighteen, I stumbled across Richard Wright’s poem “Between the World and Me.” The poem, a retelling of a lynching, shook me, because while the narrator relays ... [read more]
Policing Plagiarism vs Increasing Learning
Earlier this week NPR’s All Things Considered ran a story on Turnitin, which describes itself as “the most innovative and effective online technology for evaluating student learning.” Its main feature is an enormous database against whi ... [read more]
Author Q&A: Megan Threlkeld, Pan American Women
The next author in our series of Fall 2014 Q&As is Megan Threlkeld. Her new book is Pan American Women: U.S. Internationalists and Revolutionary Mexico. In the years following World War I, women activists in the United States and Europe ... [read more]
It’s Time To Retire "Sustainability"
The “S” word has run out of steam; today, our goals should be more ambitious. The term was imprecise to begin with—what even is sustainability? A 2010 list of the year’s most overused jargon characterized sustainability as a “squishy, f ... [read more]
The meaning of Diana
Sunday, August 31 marks the seventeenth anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. The event became one of those “I remember just where I was when I heard” moments. The car crash that killed her, and the life she lived prior to … Continue r ... [read more]
Peter Bacon Hales (1950–2014)
University of Chicago Press author, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago, dedicated Americanist, photographer, writer, cyclist, and musician Peter Bacon Hales (1950–2014) died earlier this week, near his home in u ... [read more]
The Arc of Justice Runs through Ferguson
By Jeanne Theoharis [read more]
Moving Past Facebook
In this blog entry, Robert Gehl, author of Reverse Engineering Social Media, writes about the alternatives to Facebook. At the heart of Facebook is a contradiction: Facebook is for friends (and family). Facebook is for marketers. “Faceb ... [read more]
Asymptote Interview with Translator Steve Dolph
Earlier today, Asymptote published an interview between Jeremie Davies, senior editor at Dalkey Archive Press, and Spanish-language translator Steve Dolph. Over the course of the summer, the two corresponded in a great discussion about ... [read more]
Hot Off Penn Press: August's New Books
Well, as the new school year begins, the Press's presses have slowed, just a touch. It's the calm before the storm, to be sure. Here are the books that have been released this month. Jump to: American Literature | Politics... [read more]
Short Takes
The latest Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction winners, Karin Lin-Greenberg's FAULTY PREDICTIONS and Monica McFawn's BRIGHT SHARDS OF SOMEPLACE ELSE receive positive reviews in the September 1 and 15 issues (respectively) of Bookl ... [read more]
Praise for We Shall Not Be Moved
We Shall Not Be Moved: The Jackson Woolworth’s Sit-In and the Movement it Inspired by M.J. O'Brien has been awarded the 2014 Lillian Smith Book Award. The Lillian Smith awards honor authors who, through their writing, carry on Smith's ... [read more]
In the media: Cathy Lisa Schneider, author of Police Power and Race Riots
Cathy Schneider has been all over of late, giving insightful commentary on the events in Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal shooting by police of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Schneider's book, Police Power and Race Riots, speaks ... [read more]
UIP music titles honored with ARSC Awards
Several University of Illinois Press books were honored with the 2014 Awards for Excellence from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. The winners will be acknowledged at the awards ceremony at the ARSC national conference in ... [read more]
Latest Review: "Fear: A Novel of World War I" by Gabriel Chevallier
The latest addition to our Reviews section is by Paul Doyle on Gabriel Chevallier’s Fear: A Novel on World War I, translated by Malcolm Imrie, and published by New York Review Books. [read more]
Spotlight on Data Crush
We’re shining a spotlight on Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities and on the author, Chris Surdak. Both the book and the author’s presentations on the topic have received acclaim and started i ... [read more]
The Liberationists
Forty-four years ago today, national feminist groups staged the Women’s Strike for Equality. “If the success of media activism is measured by the amount of news coverage generated, the Strike for Equality hit the mother lode,” Bonnie J. ... [read more]
“Black Pirates”: The Amistad Rebellion 175 Years Later
By Marcus Rediker [read more]
Ferguson Syllabus
A lesson from tragedy: Why citizenship does not remedy racial inequality. [read more]
Author Q&A: Rebecca Cook, Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective
We continue our ongoing series of Fall 2014 author Q&As with Rebecca Cook, one of the editors of Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies. Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective offers a fresh look at signif ... [read more]
Students on Isherwood: I Am George, a meditation on life and death in A Single Man.
Today marks the occasion of what would be Christopher Isherwood's 110th birthday (born on August 26th, 1904). To honor this event, Christopher Freeman and James J. Berg, editors of the forthcoming volume The American Isherwood (December ... [read more]
Happy Women’s Equality Day
Today, the enlightened everywhere celebrate Women’s Equality Day, commemorating not only the Nineteenth Amendment giving half of American humanity the right to vote outside of Wyoming, but recognizing all of the advances made by women—w ... [read more]
Mission Blue Producer Discusses Working with Oceanographer Sylvia Earle
The new documentary Mission Blue -- currently available on Netflix -- charts the life of oceanographer Sylvia Earle. Earle edits books in the Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota series, sponsored by the Harte Research Institute for ... [read more]
Reminder for Three Percent Events Calendar
Considering that the fall semester and season are night, we just wanted to post a brief reminder that Three Percent is happy to add literary translation events to its Events Calendar. [read more]
America’s Continuing Border Crisis: The Real Story Behind the “Invasion” of the Children
By Aviva Chomsky [read more]
Happy birthday Althea Gibson
Groundbreaking athlete Althea Gibson was born on August 25, 1927. A member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Althea Gibson won 11 Grand Slam tournaments. She was also the first black athlete to break the color barrier in interna ... [read more]
Lorna Landvik: Why I wrote Best to Laugh, Part 1.
BY LORNA LANDVIK Stand-up and improvisational comedian, public speaker, and best-selling author [read more]
In Memoriam: Michael B. Katz
It is with great sadness that we learned of the death on August 23 of our valued author and Penn colleague Michael B. Katz. A scholar of great conviction, Katz engaged America's most pressing social problems—education, inequality, pover ... [read more]
Dale McGowan on He’s an Atheist, She’s a Christian…But What Are the Children?
The following is a guest post from Dale McGowan, author of In Faith and In Doubt: How Religious Believers and Nonbelievers Can Create Strong Marriages and Loving Families. After telling someone else about their religious differences, mo ... [read more]
Three Percent #81: Duck and Cover
With Tom on vacation, Chad recorded a special episode of the podcast with Heather Cleary and Jason Grunebaum, both of whom have a book on the National Translation Award longlist. They talk about Sergio Chejfec’s “The Dark,” Uday Prakash ... [read more]
Happy Birthday to video and film innovator C. Francis Jenkins
Born on August 22, 1867, inventor C. Francis Jenkins was an innovator of early film and television technology. One of Jenkins’s inventions, the Phantoscope projector, led to today’s large-screen movies. However, one of his first project ... [read more]
Latest Review: "Little Grey Lies" by Hédi Kaddour
The latest addition to our Reviews section is a piece by P. T. Smith on Little Grey Lies by Hédi Kaddour, translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan, and published by Seagull Books. [read more]
Author Q&A: Jacqueline Bhabha, Human Rights and Adolescence
We continue our ongoing series of Fall 2014 author Q&As (previously: Cathy Lisa Schneider, Police Power and Race Riots; Jennifer Curtis, Human Rights as War by Other Means; Matt Cohen and Edlie Wong, The Killers: A Narrative of Real Lif ... [read more]
Go Back to School with Beacon Press: Five Must-Read Progressive Education Titles
With autumn just around the corner, it’s about time to think about heading back into the classroom. Whether you’re an educator, activist, administrator, parent, or socially-engaged citizen, here are five progressive education titles to ... [read more]
Ray Bradbury and the Twilight Zone
Ray Bradbury had made his name fusing science fiction with an abiding concern for humanity. What he had done in print, Rod Serling brought to early television. The anthology series The Twilight Zone often worked a Bradburian side of the ... [read more]
Birthday trivia: The Bradbury Zone
Ray Bradbury, born on August 22, 1920, is known for his breakthrough novels such as Fahrenheit 451.  As Jonathan R. Eller writes in Ray Bradbury Unbound, the author also made an impact in television and film. Bradbury only wrote one epi ... [read more]
Message in a Bottle
The buried manuscript of a Greek Jewish inmate of Auschwitz. [read more]
Singapore poems, essays, and fiction
NEW RELEASE Starry Island: New Writing from Singapore edited by Frank Stewart; guest edited by Fiona Sze-Lorrain 2014 | 240 pages Paper | ISBN 978-0-8248-4797-5 | $20.00 Manoa Journal The summer 2014 issue of MANOA Journal features work ... [read more]
Lincoln vs. Douglas, tale of the tape
On August 21, 1858 upstart challenger Abraham Lincoln entered into the first of seven debates with incumbent Senator Stephen Douglas in Ottawa, Illinois. Lincoln was challenging Douglas to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate. The now- ... [read more]
The State of the University Press
Recently, a spate of articles appeared surrounding the future of the university press. Many of these, of course, focused on the roles institutional library sales, e-books, and shifting concerns around tenure play in determining the stri ... [read more]
Dear Rebecca …
A Turkish Jew interned at Drancy writes home. The camp in Drancy, circa 1941. Creative Commons image from the Bundesarchiv of Germany via Wikimedia Commons. The following is a letter from Yaco Soulam, detained in Drancy, to his wife, Re ... [read more]
Teenagers 101 Now Available on NetGalley
Our newest offering on NetGalley, Teenagers 101: What a Top Teacher Wishes You Knew About Helping Your Kid Succeed by Rebecca Deurlein is a resource for parents of teenagers, as well as writers, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and tho ... [read more]
A Russian Jewish Woman in New York Seeks Dating Advice (... in 1916)
The question of the hour: can a Sephardi-Ashkenazi romance survive? The following letters originally appeared in a Ladino newspaper, La Bos del Pueblo. They were translated into English by Aviva Ben-Ur and are excerpted below from Sepha ... [read more]
Press Supporter, Author Contributes World War I Book Series to Cemetery at Foot of Belleau Wood Battle Site
Texas A&M University Press supporter and author Fran Vick recently contributed books in the C. A. Brannen Series on World War I -- named for her father -- to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in Belleau, France. [read more]
Looking at Slum Clearance in the Southwest
In this blog entry, Robert Fairbanks, author of The War on Slums in the Southwest, writes about how religious leaders campaigned for slum clearance in San Antonio and Phoenix. The War on Slums in the Southwest traces the history of slum ... [read more]
Lorna Landvik: Do we really "choose" our destinies—or are they written in the stars?
BY LORNA LANDVIK Stand-up and improvisational comedian, public speaker, and best-selling author [read more]
“Sounds familiar”: The revolution in #Ferguson
—Shana L. Redmond My first efforts to see the real time, on-the-ground happenings in Ferguson was on that day, the same day that alternative media streams temporarily went black. I visited Activist World News Now online for the live str ... [read more]
Study of 13,000-Year-Old Clovis People Still Important in Light of Evidence that Colonization of Americas Predates Era, Texas A&M Researcher Asserts
New research and the discovery of multiple archaeological sites predating people previously thought by experts to be the first Americans provide evidence that the Americas were first colonized at least 14,000 years ago. [read more]
Broken Borders: The US Roots of Central American Gangs
By Jorja Leap [read more]
Short Takes
Lawrence J. McAndrews' WHAT THEY WISHED FOR has "rich scholarship," and "his treatment of his subject is both consistent and compassionate," according to a recent review in U.S. Catholic magazine. [read more]
Minnesota in the ’70s Documentary Nominated for an Upper Midwest Emmy®!
Minnesota in the ’70s, our documentary co-produced with Twin Cities Public Television’s Minnesota Productions & Partnerships (tptMN),  is nominated for a 2014 Upper Midwest Emmy® Award by the Upper Midwest Chapter of the National Academ ... [read more]
Author Q&A: Matt Cohen and Edlie Wong
Next up in our ongoing series of Fall 2014 author Q&As (previously: Cathy Lisa Schneider, Police Power and Race Riots; Jennifer Curtis, Human Rights as War by Other Means) we have Matt Cohen and Edlie Wong, who have brought back... [read more]
“James Brown is a freedom I created for humanity”
The release of the film Get On Up in early August rekindled interest in the life and music of James Brown. One of the most staggeringly influential entertainers in American culture, a man for whom we need to invent a … Continue reading → [read more]
Podcast: Paul Brown on Owning Your Future
Versatile and always learning from their mistakes, entrepreneurs can adapt to the toughest economy. Paul Brown, author of Own Your Future: How to Thrive Like an Entrepreneur and Thrive in an Unpredictable Economy  talks about ways emplo ... [read more]
Art Is a Form of Knowledge
Over the past three decades, visual artist William Kentridge has garnered international acclaim for his work across media including drawing, film, sculpture, printmaking, and theater. Best known for his entrancing stop-motion films of c ... [read more]
Archived Webcast: Speaking with Presence — Delivering Your Message with Authority and Confidence
The American Management Association New Media team hosted a webcast with John Baldoni, author of The Leader’s Guide to Speaking With Presence: How to Project Confidence, Conviction and Authority. He discussed techniques to help leaders ... [read more]
The Fountain of Knowledge: The Role of Universities in Economic Development
The Fountain of Knowledge: The Role of Universities in Economic Development Shiri M. Breznitz [read more]
Hard Times: Leadership in America
Hard Times: Leadership in America Barbara Kellerman [read more]
Leading with Sense: The Intuitive Power of Savoir-Relier
Leading with Sense: The Intuitive Power of Savoir-Relier Valérie Gauthier, Foreword by Warren Bennis [read more]
Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business
Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business Chris Laszlo and Judy Sorum Brown With John R. Ehrenfeld, Mary Gorham, Ilma Barros Pose, Linda Robson, Roger Saillant, Dave Sherman, and Paul Werder [read more]
How Did We Get Here: Beacon Authors Respond to Ferguson
  [read more]
Wikipedia and the Politics of Openness
When you think about Wikipedia, you might not immediately envision it as a locus for a political theory of openness—and that might well be due to a cut-and-paste utopian haze that masks the site’s very real politicking around issues of ... [read more]
Broken Promises: Beacon Authors Respond to the Conflict in Gaza
  [read more]
Against Prediction: #Ferguson
  [read more]
Mark Your Calendar: Decatur Book Festival 2014
Be sure to mark your calendars for this year's Decatur Book Festival! The festival will be held August 29-31 in Decatur, GA. At the UGA Press booth (#501, 503, 505), we will have a couple of signings and giveaway opportunities. We also ... [read more]
Podcast: Christopher Surdak on Data Crush
Every click of a mouse or tap on a screen generates data businesses can use to learn more about their customers, but data at that level can be overwhelming. On a recent AMA Edgewise podcast, Christopher Surdak, author of Data … Continue ... [read more]
Tom Koch on Ebola and the “new” epidemic
“Ebola and the ‘new’ epidemic” by Tom Koch [read more]
Book giveaway: Books That Cook
To celebrate the final days of summer, we are giving away two free copies of Books That Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, the newest title in our Fall 2014 catalog.  Many of us at NYU Press have been … Continue reading → [read more]
Understanding inequality—across ecosystems, species, and human populations.
BY DAVID NAGUIB PELLOW Author of Total Liberation and professor and Don A. Martindale Endowed Chair of Sociology at the University of Minnesota [read more]
A Q&A with Dan Rottenberg, author of THE OUTSIDER
This week, in North Philly Notes, a Q&A with Dan Rottenberg, author of The Outsider: Albert M. Greenfield and the Fall of the Protestant Establishment. How and why did you come to study Albert M. Greenfield? Like most authors, I’ve alwa ... [read more]
Transitions in faith, times of turmoil in turn of the century Korea
NEW RELEASE Eastern Learning and the Heavenly Way: The Tonghak and Chondogyo Movements and the Twilight of Korean Independence written by Carl F. Young 2014 | 297 pages Cloth | ISBN 978-0-8248-3888-1 | $49.00 Hawaii Studies on Korea It ... [read more]
Motley Crews and the Crucible of Culture: The Art of Frantz Zéphirin
By Marcus Rediker [read more]
A Day in the Life of a Publicity & Social Media Manager – Part 2
Read Part 1 here. 1:30 p.m. My colleagues in the Publicity Department have been monitoring our social media accounts throughout the day, so I haven’t been stressed about not getting on until now. As I eat soup and salad at … Continue re ... [read more]
A Day in the Life of a Publicity & Social Media Manager – Part 1
6 a.m. Well before my alarm rings, my eyes are wide open. I tend to be an earlier riser, which can be helpful if your job includes being on top of the news of the day. Over a cup of … Continue reading → [read more]
A Blueprint for Equality: Market Basket and the Future of Fair Pay
Protesters at a rally in support of ousted Market Basket CEO Arthur T. Demoulas  (courtesy Save Market Basket) [read more]
Quentin Tarantino's Universe
It's Film Friday again at UPM. And we just ran across this excellent video from HuffPost Live that draws connecting lines to all the character allusions that occurs across Quentin Tarantino's films.  [read more]
NEW! Ebooks Now Available for Bestselling Bird Guide
Over 180 breathtaking videos and 220 color images of Hawai‘i’s amazing birds Newly updated and available in digital format for the first time, these five exciting ebooks based on Jim Denny’s popular A Photographic Guide to the Birds of ... [read more]
Carl Zimmer on the Ebolapocalypse
Carl Zimmer is one of our most recognizable—and acclaimed—popular science journalists. Not only have his long-standing New York Times column, “Matter,” and his National Geographic blog, The Loom, helped us to digest everything from the ... [read more]
Podcast: David L. Van Rooy on Career Strategies to Take You Where You Want to Be
Seeing your career path as a trajectory means thinking strategically about the next steps, or career changes, that will help you reach your goals. On a recent AMA Edgewise podcast, David L. Van Rooy, author of Trajectory: 7 Career Strat ... [read more]
John Rosa Presents Backstory to Local Story, His Book on the Massie-Kahahawai Case
AUTHOR EVENT Please join us on Sunday, August 10, 2 to 4 p.m., at Native Books/Nā Mea Hawai‘i, as UH-Mānoa history professor John Rosa gives an illustrated talk on his book, Local Story: The Massie-Kahahawai Case and the Culture of Hist ... [read more]
New and Select poems from San Francisco’s second Poet Laureate
NEW RELEASE Out of the Dust: New and Selected Poems written by Janice Mirikitani 2014 | 208 pages Cloth | ISBN 978-0-8248-3996-3 | $35.00 Intersections: Asian and Pacific American Transcultural Studies Though constructed from a depth of ... [read more]
McRae Intern Says Summer at UPM was 'eye-opening and informative'
The following is a guest post from Dakotah Daffron. Dakotah worked with UPM this summer as the McRae publishing intern. The McRae Publishing Internship, supported by the Richard and Selby McRae Foundation, offers a singular educational ... [read more]
Fiona Ross Wins Typography Award
Each year at its annual TypeCon conference, the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) presents the SOTA Typography Award to an outstanding member of the type community. We’re delighted to share the news that this year’s award was gi ... [read more]
Return to the Enchanted Forest: 'Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage'
Writer Haruki Murakami. [read more]
We’ve Got a Book on That!
This week in North Philly Notes, a rundown of recent news articles that relate to topics in Temple University Press books. The Meaning of Emancipation Day in the Opinionator column of the August 4, 2014 issue of the New York Times Korb ... [read more]
Who's Up for Some Blues Activism in Dallas?
In mid-July, the Dallas Morning News published an alarming piece about the fading blues scene in the city since several years ago. As difficulty in supporting viable performance venues mounts, the blues appears to be a dying institution ... [read more]
Poisoning the Aquifers: The Real Cost of Fracking's Impassioned Case for Change
By Anna Morrow [read more]
New Book: The Southern Manifesto
In his new book The Southern Manifesto: Massive Resistance and the Fight to Preserve Segregation John Kyle Day provides the definitive narrative history of the Southern Manifesto and the systematic resistance to desegregation. This book ... [read more]
Malcolm Gladwell profiles On the Run
From a profile of On the Run by Malcolm Gladwell in this week’s New Yorker: [read more]
Q&A with Heather Laine Talley, author of Saving Face
Heather Laine Talley is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Western Carolina University. Her new book, Saving Face: Disfigurement and the Politics of Appearance, examines the cultural meaning of interventions aimed at repairing faces de ... [read more]
Sneak Peek: AMACOM’s Fall 2014 Catalog
In these lazy days of summer, it’s hard to imagine that the leaves will soon be turning, and snow isn’t too far off after that. But, with a new fall/winter catalog online full of great AMACOM Books coming out in … Continue reading → [read more]
Hey, Write Your Own Book
Last fall, Tim Parrish published Fear and What Follows: The Violent Education of a Christian Racist. Parrish’s memoir is an unparalleled story of the complex roots of southern, urban, working-class racism and white flight, as well as a ... [read more]
Our free e-book for August: For the Love of It
Wayne C. Booth (1921–2005) was the George M. Pullman Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago, one of the most renowned literary critics of his generation, and an amateur c ... [read more]
Bringing home the bodies, after World War I and today
This week marks the centennial of the outbreak of World War I. To commemorate, Lisa M. Budreau, author of Bodies of War, gives us a glimpse into the history of America’s memorialization efforts after the First World War.  —Lisa M. Budre ... [read more]
The Fissured Academic Workplace
When we published The Fissured Workplace: Why Work Became So Bad for So Many and What Can Be Done to Improve It earlier this year, author David Weil was a professor at the Boston University School of Management. This spring, though, Wei ... [read more]
Crown Hill Book Honored
The IHS Press book Crown Hill: History, Spirit, Sanctuary was a silver winner in the regional category at the annual IndieFab Book of the Year Awards for the best independent books of 2013 sponsored by Foreword Reviews. [read more]
Linda LeGarde Grover on the merits of time-honored oral tradition and contemporary fictional storytelling.
BY LINDA LEGARDE GROVER Recipient of the Flannery O'Connor Award and the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize; associate professor of American Indian studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth [read more]
Association of American University Presses Supports Principles of Net Neutrality
In a statement issued today, the Association of American University Presses declared its support for net neutrality and the “Net Neutrality Principles” issued by 11 library, higher education, and scholarly organizations on July 10. The ... [read more]
Diamonds and death
—Susan Falls Engagement ring sales drive the diamond market in the United States. But people purchase diamonds to celebrate all kinds of occasions, many of which are rites of passage: births, graduations, and weddings. As people experie ... [read more]
Mushroom Monday: Old Man of the Woods
This week's Mushroom Monday mushroom may be a bit grizzled (and may even smell like mothballs!), but the old man of the woods is still a mushroom worth getting to know, according to Bill Russell: [read more]